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prieta quake. now, the latest. >> fresh pictures from the tsunami as the sun rises in japan revealing massive plumes of smoke, fires burning out of control and entire neighborhoods simply washed away and survivors gathered on roofs. in one parking lot, a joint s.o.s.. >> this is where it all starts. 2:46 local time. debris rains down as people rush out into the streets stunned. >> back inside this bookstore you can see the fear and incomprehension on the face of the workers. at the same moment, frantic scenes playing out across the country. ground beneath our feet gives way. school children running for their lives. news anchors wearing helmets on air and television in this office rattling uncontrollably. [ siren ] >> then round two as the tsunami siren wails. >> furious wave comes roaring in at 500 miles an hour with others lined up behind it. the walls of water crash a store with astonishing power, ma rowdy go across the countryside swallowing everything in the way. >> it looks like the tsunami has been enveloping the port. you are seen live footage of the tsunami. this is what is ha
>>> in japan concerns over radiation are growing this morning after officials says there's a high likelihood that nuclear rods are melting down inside all three of the most troubling nuclear reactors. residents are being tested for radiation exposure. >> video is showing house forceful the tsunami was. black water sweeping away cars and homes as if they were toys. enough speed to knock homes on their foundation. >> the number of confirmed dead is 2800 but they believe at least 10,000 people have parished with so many still missing. >> the latest from japan including the fears at a nuclear plant has lost power. >> while the second explosion added to the tension in japan, many survivors have only just begun to mourn the loss of their loved ones, their homes and some their retired communities. devastation as far as the eyes can see. i was here, she said. it just came and washed everything away. this woman clung to a tree and grabbed a floating floor mat. the churning water washed her away. her daughter was with her but cannot be found. there are dead fish in the bathroom but it's dry
area's response to japan. live in santa cruz. >> well, there are several road closures around this area, kristen. also the beach boardwalk and wharf behind me are closed and the damage it mounting. take a look at this dramatic video from sky 7. we have had several tsunami surges come into the yacht harbor. the first before 8:00 this morning and the damage as you can see is pretty significant. at least five boats are sunk. many are slammed into the dock by these tide changes. pieces of pilings are floating in the water and being sucked out to sea. a lot of this damage right now just property damage. fortunately no injuries to report. people have flocked to cal state beach where the tsunami tide activity was especially dramatic. >> it just sucked way out like a superlow tide over the course of about five minutes and it's doing it again right now. this is the third one. could be the big one. >> this is the second time i've seen a tsunami here in santa cruz. when i was 13-year-old i saw the one in 1964 and it did exactly the same thing. the water retreated first. >> it was unbelievable to w
. this is abc news, japan. >> she just mentioned iodine tablet. one pharmacy we spoke to in santa cruz says there they have been sold out of tablet because of concern about radiation. public health experts say there is very little risk of the radioactive material actually reaching california unless the disaster gets worse in japan. even then the public health threat probably we are told by experts would be very small. one expert at lawrence livermore lab told us tonight that particle from asia could reach the united states in about 80 hours but that depend on the jet stream. talk about the jet stream and weather pattern involved here we'll turn to our weather expert spencer christian who is watching that for us tonight. >> let me start by shoying the current position of the jet stream and let's talk about how useful the jet stream is as tool and weather forecasting. narrow band in powerful wind. steering current for the weather system and jet stream can be forceful with winds up to 300 miles per hour and much mild we are winds down to 100 miles per hour so that could cause moisture or w
plant in japan. right now, emergency workers are risking their lives to prevent a complete nuclear meltdown. crews began the first of four helicopter water drops. at the same time, workers on the ground are using a water cannon meant for riots to shoot water directly into one of the reactors. it is a desperate last ditch effort to keep spent nuclear fuel rods from melting. in a potentially troubling sign white steam was again seen rising from three of the reactors. radiation levels at the plant dangerously high. japan's electric company is working desperately to reconnect power at the plant today. meantime, damning reports about the owner of the japanese power plant. accord to the australian, the owner falsified safety data and said in 1989 tokyo electric injected air into the containment vessel of a reactor number one to lower the leak rate and when caught apologized for "dishonest practices." now, abc's martha raddatz with the latest on the last ditch effort to saint planet. >>> 50 workers inside the plant working in the dark with nothing but flash lights wearing overalls and hea
a the a nuclear power plant. >> the head of the u.n.'s nuclear agency is heading to japan to get more information. today the u.s. military sent two fire trucks to help battle fires at the fukushima plant. but they haven't been asked to use troops to help. meantime, japan's defense ministry decided against a proposed plan to dump water from helicopters over the badly damaged plants. radiation levels are just too high. you can see in this photo a big hole has opened in the containment vessel around the reactor, and large portions have collapsed. here is more on the plant workers who are putting their own workers putting their own lives in jeopardy to prevent a bigger catastrophe. >> reporter: they are the nameless, brave souls who volunteered or perhaps been asked to be the last line of defense. because they have specific skills and nerves of steel. five workers have already died and two are missing after the latest fire and two dozen are injured. nuclear experts say the skell ton crew are not managers, but probably technicians, men with the schematics of the plant in their head and can fix the clo
>>> two new views of the devastation cause by the tsunami in japan. homes were swept away for miles. death toll in the thousands but in all this destruction, incredible destruction, we have some uplifting stories to tepg you about. rescuers pulled two people from the wreckage four days later. they found a 70-year-old woman in her house that was washed away by tsunami waves. she suffered from hypothermia but didn't have any life-threatening injuries. another team pulled a man from a building after workers heard him calling for help. >> there is evidence that the primary containment unit has been reached. one japanese official told the iae that radiation is being released directly into the atmosphere. they ordered some 140,000 people to stay indoors. that order came after new fire and explosions increased radiation levels around the fukushima daiichi plant. long after the fire was extinguished, a japanese official says water to keep the reactor cooled might still be boiling but the report levels of radiation have dropped dramatically. experts on "good morning america" say the situatio
>> today on "christian world news" devastation in japan, massive quake triggers a tsunami that sweeps the coast. we'll hear from missionaries that are ready to step in and help. >> clashes that erupt between muslims in egypt some fear the situation could become more dangerous. revival sweeps through brazil. why the movement could affect an entire culture. japan's tiny christian community steps forward to bring help in their country's time of need. hello, i am george thomas. >> and i am wendy griffith. registered 8.9, quake spawned a tsunami and people as far away as the united states seeking higher ground. charlene israel tells us more. >> the quake shook the nation of japan and it's people. the tsunami mornings and waves in the u.s. forcing evacuations in hawaii. >> it is time for a little aloha. keep it simple, sensible and moving. >> reports indicate the initial quake rocked japan for 4 minutes. japanese lawmakers in session at the time the quake hit. >> this news room also captured the power of the quake. initial tremor could be felt as far away as beijing, china. fire
forecast. >>> now the latest in japan. operators of the center of a nuclear crisis are acknowledging for the first time today the last resort be to bury the crippled power plant to prevent a catastrophic radiation release. meantime, today, a u.n. diplomat in vienna that the timing the radiation will hit southern california and there is no radiation risks that poses health to people. they raised it on four to five on seven level scale. that means the disaster is on par with a partial meltdown of three-mile island in pennsylvania. meanwhile, japanese prime minister is calling on the nation to unite in rebuilding the country from scratch. it was a week ago that the quake and tsunami hit killing thousands. now a report from osaka. >> this morning, firefighters are spraying water on the damaged reactors at the fukushima daiichi and all volunteers on a mission that could end their lives. the crews are spraying tons of water on all reactors but paying particular attention to reactor number three. on thursday, new video revealed the devastation there. >> this is an amazing video. first of al
nuclear crisis in japan. helicopters raced to dump sea water on the crippleett fukushima plant. they are trying to cool the overheated uranium to prevent a catastrophic released of radiation. they hope to have a power cable connected to the main grid hooked up by tomorrow. the united nations nuclear agency says the situation at the quake-ravaged plant is very serious, but does not appear to be worsening. president obama is holding a news conference at 12:30 this afternoon our time to address the crisis. this morning white house officials say there is no indication of radiation danger in the u.s. right now. still they are now taking action at the nation's airports. abc7's janelle wang joins us with what is happening. >> u.s. customs and border protection is now testing some passengers and cargo at some airports around the country. they won't say which airport specifically, but we are hearing reports of los angeles, seattle, dallas and new york. the department of homeland security says so far all tests for radiation are negative. >> in an exercise of caution and just to make sure
to japan. >> from the uk, the christian counselor that could lose his job for telling a gay man homosexuals can change. >> revolutions and military strikes in the middle east raise concerns for the region's christian. hello everyone i am wendy griffith. >> and i am george clooney. george thomas. the united states put together the coalition enforcing a no-fly zone over the nation of libya. state goal, to protect libyan citizens by a massacre by moammar gadhafi's forces. the conflict is raising forces about western interventions in muslim nations. specifically, charges of a christian crusade against the islamic face. cliffton clark is an associate professor of global missions at regent university. recently i spoke with him about this very issue. >> do muslim nations see the u.s. through the eyes of the crusader lens when they look at what is taking place today? >> it is true, history is important. for a lot of muslims, looking back historically, it was the crusades that stopped the massive spread of islam. to many muslims, looking back now, it is all about this idea the west is again attackin
but not the tsunami >>: japan's christian communities have mobilized to respond but there only 1% of the entire population; recently i spoke with kent joseph, he said all of those disasters that up to the worst catastrophe he has ever seen and he is begging the international community to respond. >>: we have never been to anything like this before, you have an earthquake, the fire and then snow, a tsunami condemned and nuclear situation and they recommend everyone leave within 80 km. >>: many aid agencies are holding back. ten-mac that is the worst thing that can happen. we were at a church and the worst areas, and we found a guy that we were looking for, there was a pastor and his wife freezing without anything at all. what concerns us now is that with this concern about the nuclear situation, the little help will be cut off. >>: how the church is responding? >>:, they are working together really hard, we meet once or twice a day to compile which churches need to be visited and which refugee centers need to be held and different teams have gone out and we have been able to get in touch with
.com or e-mail them to us at you report at kg o many as we canon the air. >> moving to japan now where the death toll tonight is nearly 7200 with more than 10,000 still missing. about chuck silverstein with the latest. fichlt remembering all they have lost. while fighting to keep what they have left. the jap necessary people came together in a moment of silence friday. at the hour the earthquake staggered their nation one week ago. and prayed for their dead. for the living struggle is just beginning. fire truck hose town cripple nuclear reactor for a second day at the fukushima complex. heroic worker continue to risk their lives in the process like these fair men who volunteered for the job. some plant workers recall the awful moment last friday. it was shaking violently for a long time. i was very scared while it was shaking. the building shook side ways and lights went out. u.s. continues to help trying to restore power to the plants with 5 huge water pump from the u.s. standing by for action. meanwhile the heart break continues. this man is still looking for h
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about radiation from japan reaching california. nonetheless u.s. is deploying radiation detector up and down the west coast. one professor put one up last nature and now cecelia l. >> when and if any radioactive particle from japan reach california this little plastic filter will tell scientist exactly what its floating in the air. it sits on the roof of the engineering department at uc berkeley. downstairs in the basement nuclear engineers monitor the readings around the clock. >> we want to tell the public and you and everyone l what radiationÑi if there is any what level of radiation we have to deal with. >> scientist know the air if they find traces of isotope like this. it caused serious health damage after chernobyl. many experts say what is happening in japan is nowhere near that level of disaster. >> probably more than a 3 mile island but much less than a chernobyl. >>reporter: scientist don't expect any notable change in radiation level until tomorrow. any radioactive particle from japan has to travel more than 5100 miles to reach the bay area. transported here in a j
takes control of operations in libya as the country says they are ready to negotiate. >> in japan the situation as nuclear reactor gets worse >>> libyan prime minister says his country is ready to talk with opposition rebels and accept political reforms possibly including elections as nato gets ready to take control of the no-fly zone in libya. the u.s. general in charge of the operation will hand the job over to a canadian and today france declared libya's air space under control. >> japan's prime minister is calling the nuclear theft as biggest yet. experts suspect there has been damage to the nuclear reactor core. workers had to be returned to the hospital with radiation burns 10,000 times worse than normal. >> plutonium is the most toxic known to science. a speck of plutonium could cause cancer if ingested. >> sailors have washed down the deck to remove any trace of radioactive contamination. it's been off the coast of japan helping for two eastbound weeks now. >> nissan is considering moving some of the engine production from japan to the u.s. because of damaged done to
plant in japan are being reported in france and iceland. a distance of 6,000 miles. in the meantime, officials in tokyo have told parents to top giving tap water to infants because of elevated levels of radiation. it is still below the level that is safe for adults to drink. officials are urging residents not to hoard bottled water but some are doing so. today, black smoke bill lowed from unit three at the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant, prompting an evacuation of work ers. the reason for the smoke is unclear at this point. we are also getting a good look inside the plant. these pictures show workers using torches to navigate the dark crippled facility. ominous as you can see. they wear radiation suits and care arery instruments to read temperature and pressure. the photo taken near the entrance to the reactor shows the badly damaged interorof the structure. >>> meantime, the official death toll from japan's earthquake and tsunami topped 9400 people. many more still missing, however. and towns along the northern coast are facing a mounting problem, what to do with all of the
tsunami. government nobody tells us the citizens what is really happening. >> the anger comes after japan prime minister told the nation the leaked radiation level is now rather high and there is high chance for further leak acknowledge of radiation from now on. over the past couple days one reactor exploded after another at the doomed nuclear plant then yesterday the first fire broke out and unprecedented third reactor exploded. both sending radiation in the air. officials worry this blast was the worst. cracking part of the critical contain they are surround the fiery hot nuclear core. >> radiation level are getting so high that the workers captain stay there. >> first time 750 workers at the plant were told to leave. seek safe shelter. only about 50 now remain. they are the last line of defense willing to stay and continue what so far has been a difficult mission. using fire pump to flood ocean water into the red hot core so they don't melt down completel completely. experts tell us the workers are likely wearing full body suit with air pack rotating in and out and resting in som
. ♪ >> in a dismal scene ray of hope in japan. 80-year-old woman and 16-year-old grandson trapped for 9 days were pulled out of the rubble alive. the first confirmed american casualty 24-year-old taylor anderson from virginia. she was working as an english teacher after the quake she helped get children to hire ground and headed home on her bike. she never made it. in the mean time david wright with the latest on the troubled nuclear reactors. and radiation found in the food. >> frantic effort to cool the nuclear plant appears to be making some head way. radiation levels are slightly down. >> things appear to be l on the verge of stable iingz. >> then last night reactor no. 3 puffed out an ominous cloud of black smoke work suddenly stopped. those first respon responders exposing themselves to potentially lethal dose of radiation. they said this weekend they left home in such a hurry they had to say goodbye to her families by text messag message. >> i hope you are the savior of japan. as the water from the hose cool the reactor it has been leaking into the ocean. sea water just off the coa
on "nightline". >> in japan, encouraging news about the damaged fukushima daiichi power the man. they have reconnected power lines to all six units but it will likely take days before the cooling systems can be turned out. workers have to check all the equipment. this marks a significant step toward breaking the overheated complex under control. all three they dumped cooling water. meantime, the death toll from the tsunami and earthquake stands at 9,000, another 13,000 shall still missing. >>> hundreds of u.s. military family members are due in the bay area after evacuating japan. chartered flight landed at travis earlier this morning. more than 3500 military family members made the decision to head home. the departure will help reduce the demand for food and water in japan. defense department says the voluntary evacuations will continue for the foreseeable future. >> opening statements are underway in the federal perjury trial of barry bonds. he wab indicted 2007 accused of lying to a grand jury for obstruction testifying that he never knowingly took drugs. >> reporter: the first witnesse
the golden state warriors are doing this week to raise money for japan earthquake relief. >> and nation's top aviation official, >>> in japan the owner of crippled nuclear plant says two workers have been treated in the hospital after stepping in radioactive water. the workers have radiation levels within allowable limits. in tokyo they were handing out bottled water to parents of babies after increased radiation levels were found in tap water. stores have completely sold out of bottled water. and food is hard to come by because radiatn contamination has caused many people to horde supplies. they say radiation levels have returned to safe levels in tokyo but still taking precautions. >> the golden state warriors, the team is donating $5 for every remaining ticket sold for quake relief efforts. this is for friday game against toronto and the sunday game against washington. in addition, they will be collecting direct donations at the games and there will be a silent auction. we have more information with a link to the warriors on our website at >> the nation
transfer of arms to the rebels. >>> now to the nuclear crisis in japan that's ongoing. there are concerns that the radioactive core in reactor no. 2 may have melted through the bottom of the containment vessel and on to the concrete floor below that's according to the london guard an. ge installed the unit at the plant and tonight the head of safety research for the company says plant workers appear to have lost the race to save the reactor. mean time abc on the lethal flaw tone um discovered in the soil near the crippled plant. >> it is a road block few have dared to cross. sign says danger and it is the edge of the restricted zone 20 kilometer or about 12 miles from the nuclear plant. japanese of venture to check open whether anyone refused to evacuate. they find a rice farmer about who seems to have ignored plea to leave and all common sense about the radiation filling the place. there aren't many goods available he says. there aren't many shops that are open. there are a lot of familiarers in the area though so we have vegetables. this he says is his neighbor's farm. the cow ha
expert advising japan who says the radiation threat should remain a localized problem. >> and -- >> a big increase in -- >> the bay area laboratory compound that may hold the ski  >>> good evening. a quick look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. new weather problems all around the bay area including a mud slide forcing the evacuation of two mobile homes in mountain view, a mud slide locking all lanes in both directions of highway 101 in southern humboldt county and you can see trees came down as well. and the ground beneath this railroad track washed away, rupturing the schedule for local freight service. a former task force leader and four others accused stealing property during illegal searches. an attorney says the surveillance video shows the officers. and congressional investigators are questioning whether connections to the white house helped bay area companies get government loans. there are also questions will former state controller steve wesley may have unfairly benefited from the administration energy program. the investigation in
. we have that story. >> plus the lights are back on at the fukushima power plant in japan. so now what? another half hour of news beginhey marcel, watch this! hey marcel, watch this! [ buzzer sounds ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey marcel, watch this! yeah, marcel! -marcel! -hey marcel! are you listening to me? marcel! [ male announcer ] don't miss a second of ncaa march madness with my multiview, only from at&t u-verse. just $29 a month for the first 6 months. dvr included. in the network there are no hard choices. >> good evening once again. start the half hour with delevoping news san francisco international airport. threat against unspecified plane coming in from the philippines today. philippine airline flight from manila landed bat 7:30 tonight and is being held at remote area of the airport as we speak. now police say the threat was phoned in but they have not released information about what was said. passengers are getting off the plane now and are being taken by bus to clear customs. san francisco police dog have been brought in to search that aircraft. again ai
. >>> when news at 9 continues tonight. new concern about soil and sea water in japan. tonight the high level of radio activity outside the buildings and now in the water. >> due to benefit outweigh the risk. radical treatment for beam diabetes. >> plus fundraiser fiasco. vice president apologizes for putting a reporter in a closet. vice president apologizes for putting aversus toyota. closet. which is better? [ male announcer ] why do so many car companies compare themselves to toyota? maybe it's because toyota has more hybrids on the road than all other automakers combined. like the 50-mpg-rated prius, the best selling hybrid in america. and prius was also named a best overall value of the year. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. we're #1 for a reason. come see for yourself. hurry in for the best selection. ♪ >> good evening once again thanks for joining us. start this half hour with the specter of new nuclear nightmare riseing in japan. experts are weighing in on the possibility of something called a multiple
tonight on world news. it airs at 5:30. now, the latest from japan. the prime minister says the situation at the fukushima daiichi plant remains unpredict abld and the country remains in maximum alert. the spread of radiation raising concerns about how to stabilize the plant. toxic plutonium was found outside the facility but so far amounts are too small. a tsunami triggered by a 9.0 earthquake destroyed the power systems needed to control the nuclear fuel rods in the plant. official death toll from the quake has topped 11,000. >> still ahead, we're following breaking news in redwood city where a mountain lion has been cornered at a home near a business intersection. >> and women versus walmart. the biggest job discrimination case ever. >> and serious felony charges the government is considering in the >> eric: right now the supreme court are hearing arguments about a major discrimination case against walmart. whether they can move forward on a class action suit. they accuse the largest retailer of favoring men and women over pay and promotions. justices were
point. >>reporter: if martha reporting. >>> japan next. officials there say the death toll from the earthquake tsunami topped 10,000 people. thousands morse are still missing. in the mean time workers at the damage nuclear plant are hospitalized and tokyo continues to wrestle with fear over tainted tap water. more tonight from david wright. >>reporter: one day after officials declared tokyo tap water unsafe for babies, those same officials tried to convince even the crisis is over. so eager was the governor of tokyo to demonstrate his confidence frjs he drank the whole glass in one gulp. the governor insisted he never drinks bottled water. tokyo water always tastes g-he says. that message may not go down quite so he's where i skeptical public. are you yourself worried about these reports about radiation in the water. >> oh, yes. >>reporter: he's a chemical engineer. >> 50 million nair i pishtion would you leave. >> leave. first, iodine 131 has half life of 8 days. the presence in tokyo water at low levels was first reported over the weekend. in the news that levels h
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